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Minibus and Coach Hire Prices – Runcorn Minibus

Lately, a lot of people travelling for different functions in Runcorn and the neighbouring surroundings are beginning to see the importance of hiring a minibus and travelling together as a group. Besides being cheap, it is also convenient to travel as a group, and we at Runcorn Minibus are proud of having offered transport solutions to citizens in Runcorn for more than two decades now. Sadly, a majority of people do not understand how pricing works with some arguing that ticket prices keep fluctuating.

How pricing works

Minibus and coach hire prices keep on fluctuating depending on the seasons. If you happen to travel during holidays, when schools are closed or during a major sporting event that is attended by millions of people, your ticket prices will be a bit higher than when travelling during off-peak seasons, a time when the movement of people is limited. All this boils down to the law of demand and supply. Majority of travellers will compel bus companies to increase ticket prices since they are in control. However, when there are few people moving, bus companies will try and lower their prices as means of enticing people to travel. We at Runcorn Minibus have the best competitive prices in the market, and even though we respect the law of supply and demand, we will not charge you exorbitantly like other coach and minibus hire companies.

How to avoid being charged highly

If you are planning to travel during peak seasons but want to pay the same ticket prices as you would have paid during off-peak seasons, it would be wise if you book your tickets early. We at Runcorn Minibus operate an efficient online booking system that allows you to book your tickets in advance. If you book early, rest assured that you will be offered with good discounts.


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