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Luxury Coach Hire - Runcorn Minibus

Whether you need a minivan or a large coach, our Luxury Coach Hire can help. All of our travel packages can be tailored to suit your needs. Our Runcorn Minibus team has extensive Experience in the industry. We are ready to serve you with buses that are designed for your comfort and convenient booking options.

Great Amenities

Whether you are making arrangements for business VIPs or your closest and dearest family members, we can provide you with vehicles that keep your guests in the lap of luxury. Fixed tables make it easy to enjoy a quick meal while a kitchen on board allows you to prepare snacks for yourself or any children travelling with you.

We can arrange transportation for groups of any size. The comfort available in our 53 seaters is also made available to clients who request our 23 seaters. All buses are tinted to protect your privacy and keep the heat of the sun away.

Our company is recognised for our outstanding service. When paired with our luxurious fleet, we are a great choice for community groups, executives, and families who want a relaxing experience as they travel through the region.

High Safety Standards

Our Runcorn Minibus team takes safety seriously and we ensure that we adhere to the standards set for the transportation in the United Kingdom. All of our buses have fire extinguishers on board. First aid kits also go wherever you go, so that minor injuries can be promptly treated.

All safety gear is prominently displayed so that you can readily get to it if it becomes necessary. We feel that peace of mind is part of the experience we offer on all of our luxury vehicles. Let us show you what it feels like to have every aspect of your trip handled with care and efficiency. Contact us today.


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