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Coach Hire Quote - Runcorn Minibus

Coach hire quote

It is really easy to get a quote from Runcorn Minibus Hire simply by contacting us online or via email. We will then take some of your details before we give you a price for your vehicle. While we try to be as reasonable as possible, there are several factors that are taken into consideration before a quote is generated.


Prices are primarily based on mileage. That means the closer your pick up location is to the town of Runcorn, the less you pay. If our vehicles require more fuel because you are further away, obviously this will make the price go up. We use this system because it is fair to everyone who wants to use our services.

The timing

If you require a minibus during the peak times of the year, this is going to be more expensive before the vehicles will be in higher demand. If you are booking at off-peak times, we can guarantee that the quote will be cheaper. As soon as you know what date you are coming to Runcorn, it's a good idea to book because then we can offer you even more savings.

The vehicles

We do have a range of vehicles at Runcorn Minibus Hire, some of which are executive. Our executive vehicles will cost a little more to rent purely because of how they look and the extra amenities that are included in your package.


Minibus hire, in general, is a very cost-effective travel choice to make when you are in a group of people. We aim to quote you the best price possible but now that you know some factors that do affect this, you can hopefully get our services for even cheaper.


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