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Coach Company – Runcorn Minibus

Runcorn Minibus is a company that offers minibuses, full-sized buses and coaches for hire. While we are based in Runcorn, we offer our services to out of town clients who want to enjoy the City of Runcorn and its surrounding areas.

We began as humble family-owned company more than twenty years ago, and we have now established ourselves as one of the UK's premier coach hire companies. The main reason for our continued success has been our commitment to our three founding principles: They are


  • Honesty: While the transport industry in the UK is currently governed by a very comprehensive legal and regulatory framework. That was not the case two decades ago. Consumers were being duped by unscrupulous dealers who used underhanded tactics like false advertising and hidden fees. We stood out from the crowd due to our commitment to honest and ethical business practices.


  • Professionalism: We are consummate professionals; when we make a promise or commitment, we ensure that we make good on it. This extends all the way from the company's owners down to the employees that you will be dealing with.


  • Affordability: We offer very competitive rates on all the vehicles that we have for our clients.

Our Guarantees

When you hire a coach from Runcorn Minibus, there are certain minimums that we assure all our clients. They include:


  • Comfort: All our vehicles are sufficiently upholstered to ensure that you enjoy a comfortable ride. This is especially important for tour groups that are travelling long distances.


  • Safety: Not only do we source our vehicles from manufacturers who have a stellar safety record (such as Mercedes Benz and Volkswagen) we also ensure that all our vehicles are given a comprehensive mechanical check-up after every trip. All our drivers are also well trained on safe driving practices to ensure that you, and your tour group, are not endangered by reckless driving.


  • Friendliness: All our staff will deal with you with respect, friendliness and a smile when you come to Runcorn Minibus.

Contact Details

3, High Street, Runcorn, WA7 1AP

01928 444003

Mon to Sun :24 hours