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Whether you are a school administrator, a manager in a workplace or simply someone who wants to take a joint trip with your friends and/or family, one of the most difficult tasks in logistics is the transportation of a large group of people. You want a safe and convenient, yet cheap, option. This is where Runcorn Minibus comes in.

Our main service is the hiring of minibuses and coaches for large groups of travellers, and we offer the perfect mix of quality and affordability. We are committed to our fair pricing policy which does not seek to make as much as possible for our clients. We maintain profitability by retaining our clients on a long-term basis since they are impressed with the low prices and high- quality service provision that we guarantee all our clients.

As a hiring company with a large fleet of minibuses, full-sized buses, and coaches, we value repeat business. On your end, as the client, it is cheaper to hire a minibus than to get multiple taxis or small-sized vehicle hires for a large group of people. Our fleet has 8-seater buses, 72-seater coaches and a wide variety of vehicles between the two extremes.

Apart from the cost effectiveness of hiring a minibus or coach, there is the value of enabling you and your tour group to travel in a single vehicle. This cultivates a spirit of camaraderie as everyone travels as a single group. If your tour group involves a lot of unaccompanied minors – such as a school trip – it is much easier to monitor them if you are on a single vehicle. One or two chaperones can keep even th4e unruliest school group in check if they are all travelling in a single coach.

Not only is hiring a minibus/coach the cost-effective option; it also allows everybody to travel as a single group which fosters a feeling of togetherness and companionship. Give us a call at Runcorn Minibus to get a free pricing quote today.


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